Artist Notes

She Rocks
participatory sculptural installation, exhibited: 2015. 2016, 2019
over 500 cast pulp rocks in varying dimensions, silver sharpies

The 500+ rocks that I have cast in pulp for this exhibition are tokens that frame a timeline of my life reminding me of a special place and the special people at that time.
The public is invited to participate in this installation by choosing a pulp rock and opening the two halves of the object to reveal the inside hollows of the casting. I ask you to write on one inside hollow of the rock the name of a woman that you admire and on the other an adjective to describe that woman. Then the object is placed opened with text facing out in another area in the gallery that will build up as an additional sculptural form resembling a wall.
The objects created are in many ways, traces of energy, and a continuation of the life force of objects that have existed on earth for thousands of years. The wall is symbolic and reflective of the binding nature of women, their communal qualities, and ability to build strength and stability through shared relationships. The invited text is contemplative and personal asking you to reflect on a woman and her unique nature and the common and often confusing bias about how we label the women we love and feel strongly about.